Purpose of this blog

This blog will really be a true web log. I will post here about different wood-fired ovens as I find them.

If you know of any wood-fired ovens I should know about, you can send an e-mail to me. (If you build wood-fired ovens, I would like to hear from you too.)

There will lots of posts and lots of labels, since I plan to create one post for every appropriate web site that I find, and however many labels it takes to describe each one (usually at least the type of page and the location of the oven).

The accumulated information will still be found at the real Quest for Ovens web site links pages, but that is not updated as frequently as this blog will be.

If you are from outside the US and Canada, let me know what you find interesting about it. I see that I get visitors from India and Iran, and other faraway places. I'd like to know what draws you to this blog.

I received e-mail from the organizers of the BBC Two television show asking if the Saint Paul Bread Club could post a notice about their show Great British Bake-Off for amateur bakers. The information they gave me is now accessible through a link. (The organizers don't have a web page for the show itself yet.)

Please share this with any amateur bakers in Great Britain you may know, or post the link where they might see it.


Friday, February 25, 2011

Brick Oven of Morristown, Morristown, New Jersey

The web site of Brick Oven of Morristown, Morristown, New Jersey came to my attention.

I haven't checked any reviews for the place, but their site's pictures look good.

I found a patch.com post about the Brick Oven.

Luciano’s Italian Brick Oven, White Oak, Pennsylvania

Well. I don't quite know what to say about this one.

There is a "Cranberry Patch" review of one Luciano’s Italian Brick Oven, but not
Luciano’s Italian Brick Oven, White Oak, Pennsylvania.

It's also not clear what kind of brick oven they have, if any.

I'm adding them here, just in case.

Luigi's Italian Restaurant, West Palm Beach, Florida

The Palm Beach Pulse has a review of Luigi's Italian Restaurant, West Palm Beach, Florida.

The review does not detail the pizza, but it does say this, "Whatever the reason for the concept and name, the home-cooked fare at Luigi’s is downright delizioso. The well-varied menu offers generous, moderately priced appetizers, salads, paninis and heroes, brick-oven pizza, pastas and classic entrées."

Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana, based in New Haven, Connecticut

Westfair Online has an article about the opening of a new branch in Danbury, Connecticut of Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana, based in New Haven, Connecticut

The review says in part, "The pizzeria is known for its pies made with clams harvested from the Long Island Sound. Berry said there is also an element of the dramatic in the open-space kitchens, which act as the stage for ‘pie men’ who reach into 15-foot by 15-foot coal-fired brick ovens with 17-foot- long spatula paddles. The two 15 ton ovens at the new locations were built on site to the specifications of the one introduced at original Pepe’s in 1938."

Brick Oven Restaurant, Provo, Orem, St. George, Layton, Utah

review of Utah's best pizza joints included mention of several brick oven pizza places.

The review included mentions of the Brick Oven Restaurants, which has multiple locations around Utah.

The review says in part, "These family-style eateries feature pasta and salad bars along with pizzas such as the popular Chicken Alfredo: baked chicken, fresh mushrooms, Canadian bacon, crumbled bacon, creamy Alfredo sauce and extra cheese."

Nuch's Pizzeria and Restaurant, Salt Lake City, Utah

A review of Utah's best pizza joints included mention of several brick oven pizza places.

The reviews said this about Nuch's Pizzeria and Restaurant, Salt Lake City, Utah: "The owner is from upstate New York and the pizzas straddle the border between New York- and New Haven- style pies, baked in a brick oven, as are many New Haven pizzas."

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Flare Restaurant and Lounge, Coventry, Rhode Island

A web news site had a food review for Flare Restaurant and Lounge, Coventry, Rhode Island.

The reviewer was not entirely impressed.

The review says in part, "I also must say for a brick-oven-place…. Flare needs to work on their crust. Reminiscent of a frozen and pre-docked shell, it left me looking for more."

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Brick Pizzeria Napoletana, New Bedford, Massachusetts

A comprehensive survey of pizza places in Massachusetts covered several different establishments, so of which were brick oven businesses.

One of the businesses mentioned was Brick Pizzeria Napoletana, New Bedford, Massachusetts.

The survey says in part, "Their imported Italian wood burning oven and the use of a sourdough starter in lieu of commercial yeast sets Brick apart from other pizzerias in southeastern Mass."

Regina Pizzeria, Boston, Massachusetts

A comprehensive survey of pizza places in Massachusetts covered several different establishments, so of which were brick oven businesses.

One was Regina Pizzeria, Boston, Massachusetts.

The review says in part, "In October of 2010 The Food Network's Food Feuds pitted Regina against Santarpio's and declared Regina Boston's pizza champ."

Monday, February 21, 2011

FRESH Wood Fired Pizza and Pasta, Black Mountain, North Carolina

A blogger posted a review of  FRESH Wood Fired Pizza and Pasta, Black Mountain, North Carolina (apparently not far from Asheville, NC).

The review has several good pictures of pizza (but not the oven).

The review also says in part, "We walked in the door and were instantly greeted by the aroma of rising yeast and artisan cheeses wafting out of a massive fireplace. I watched pizza dough skillfully tossed in the air and then stretched as thin as a windowpane. The menu consists of pizzas with an unapologetic less-is-more attitude. Each pizza is layered with a few meticulously selected ingredients. After a trip into the fire, the pizzas arrived at our table piping hot with a blistered bubbly crust. I had to pause a moment to gaze at these glorious creations before devouring them."

Community Oven, Tanzania

The village is not identified in this article about a 16-year-old California girl who helped build a community oven in Tanzania.

Certainly it is an wonderful example of ovens improving people's lives.

About a year later, there is now more information about Lily Gordon. I have collected links about her.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bravo Pizza, Havertown, Pennsylvania

This time the Havorford Patch site sees the action with a review of Bravo Pizza, Havertown, Pennsylvania.

The review page includes a picture of the exterior of the oven in the background, with display cases of pizza and calzone in the foreground.

Bravo Pizza has a gallery page where the sad news becomes apparent. There is a brick oven, but it is not a wood-fired brick oven.

As long as expectations are met, that's not so bad.

Nonna's Brick Oven Pizza & Restaurant, Yorktown Heights, New York

Now the Yorktown Patch makes its existence known with a review of Nonna's Brick Oven Pizza & Restaurant, Yorktown Heights, New York.

The review says in part, "Although they are relatively new, having opened in 2008, Nonna's Brick Oven Pizza has already distinguished itself. They start their thin crust pizzas with quality, fresh ingredients and cook them perfectly in a large traditional brick oven." There is a picture where you can see a case full of pizzas and part of the brick oven.

Apparently Nonna's does not have a home page of its own. Also apparently, a feature of the Patch site allows place pages to be created, and Nonna's now has one.

A La Lucia, Alexandria, Virginia

Another local instance of Patch, in this case Huntington-Bellehaven Patch, has a review of A La Lucia, Alexandria, Virginia.

The review says in part, "A La Lucia is the perfect spot for a romantic Italian dinner or a casual lunch of brick oven pizza."

Monday, February 14, 2011

Brick Oven Pub, Sacramento, California

A web site for Sacramento Beer Week mentioned Placerville's Brick Oven Pub.

Sounds like it might be fun.

Brick Oven The Bangor Rye Bread, Bangor, Maine

An on-line article for the Bangor Daily News covers the sale of a "city institution."

There seems to be some disagreement about the name for the business.

The article calls it "Brick Oven Bangor Rye Bakery."

LiveStrong.com calls it "Brick Rye Bread."

Hotfrog.com calls it "Brick Oven The Bangor Rye Bread."

Menuclub.com also calls it "Brick Oven The Bangor Rye Bread."

A site called YiPpIe! just calls it "Brick Oven."

All this is complicated by the fact that they don't seem to have a web site of their own.

The article says in part, "Bangor Rye is as famous for its challah, sub rolls, bulkees and hard rolls as it is for the family that owned and operated it for decades."

According to the article, the current owner hasn't had a vacation in 25 years and works six days a week.

It's a real bakery with real bakery work hours, "The bakery currently employs 14 people, running one shift. The Hustons come in around 8:30 p.m. to go through orders and begin making the dough needed, and the crew shows up at around 11 p.m. to start making the breads."

Bertucci's Italian Restaurant, Multiple Locations

An article that's part of Braintree Patch discussed healthy menu choices at Italian restaurants.

The article says in part, "And so I began my quest for lighter (but still delicious) Italian fare at Bertucci’s, a local icon known for its signature brick oven style of cooking.

"After scanning the menu, I happily discovered vegetable-rich soups, nutritious side dishes and plenty of tasty protein options; all perfect components of a balanced meal. I then assessed the nutrition information available online...."

Bertucci's Italian Restaurant has numerous locations in the Northeast US.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Community Oven, Elst, Belgium

My Google Alert pulled up a post on Flanders Today about a community oven in Elst, Belgium.

There is a short season where a regional specialty called geutelingen are baked, using a traditional recipe and in a traditional wood-fired oven.

The post has a good picture.

The post says in part, "Meanwhile the men at the oven work as a team, one filling the other's long-handled dipper with dough, which is then poured directly onto the hot oven base in rows. They keep a steady tempo, a wonderfully synchronised coordination of movements. The geutelingen puff up and bake quickly, in only a few minutes, before being removed and transferred to a cooling rack, where they flatten down naturally."

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Goodfella's Pizza, Staten Island, New York

I found a blog entry about brick oven building and cooking on the site for Goodfella's Pizza, Staten Island, New York.

Apparently they also make and sell brick ovens.

Their home page has a lot of embedded pictures and video that makes their place look great.

Pavich's Brick Oven Pizzafe, Rancho Palos Verdes, California

A restaurant review for the Manhattan Beach Patch covered Pavich's Brick Oven Pizzafe, Rancho Palos Verdes, California.

(Apparently they don't have a web site of their own; they do have several reviews on yelp.)

The review says in part, "But if you’re like most people, that first visit won’t be your last. You’ll come back to the restaurant again and again until your company transfers you to Outer Elbonia -- and even then, there’ll be trips home."

Further down, "The oven is not just for pizza. Pavić goes out early in the morning for pork that will roast four and a half hours before being stuffed into roasted pork sandwiches with roasted yellow bell peppers, white garlic sauce, and lettuce ($7.56). The bread, in round loafs called Somun, comes out of the oven as well."

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Brick Oven Pizza, Dobbs Ferry, New York

Sometimes a site just gets something plain wrong. In this case an online directory listing for something called the Riverstown Patch ("Covering the villages of Hastings-on-Hudson, Dobbs Ferry and Irvington") had a listing for "The Brick Oven Pizzeria."

Their listing says, "This Dobbs Ferry staple serves a number of creative pizzas like the chicken, bacon ranch...."

The only problem is that the business lists itself as The Brick Oven Pizza.Their site has some delightful pictures of pizzas and their oven.

The Pizza Cart, Cedar City, Utah

Apparently there is  more than one business named The Pizza Cart (linked to its Facebook page).

This one is in Cedar City, Utah.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ember Room, New York, New York

The Scallywag & Vagabond blog posted a review of the new Ember Room, New York, New York. (The Ember Room site is Flash-based and not possible to easily link to.)

It's another Todd English restaurant.

The review says in part, "[T]he sous-chefs diced scallops in front of the brick oven in the center of the restaurant."