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This blog will really be a true web log. I will post here about different wood-fired ovens as I find them.

If you know of any wood-fired ovens I should know about, you can send an e-mail to me. (If you build wood-fired ovens, I would like to hear from you too.)

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I received e-mail from the organizers of the BBC Two television show asking if the Saint Paul Bread Club could post a notice about their show Great British Bake-Off for amateur bakers. The information they gave me is now accessible through a link. (The organizers don't have a web page for the show itself yet.)

Please share this with any amateur bakers in Great Britain you may know, or post the link where they might see it.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Scratch Brick Oven, Johnson City, Tennessee

An online article by the Johnson City Press recorded the results of a fund-raising pizza contest.

The article says in part, "Nearly 450 people voted on the city’s best pizza Sunday night at Pie Wars: Clash of the Slices, a fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Club of Johnson City put on by Young Professionals of the Tri-Cities. After sampling slices from Knights Sports Bar, Luke’s Pizza, Main Street Pizza, Mellow Mushroom, One12 Downtown, Pizza Inn and Scratch Brick Oven, the famed brick oven pizzeria won over the hearts and taste buds of attendees."

Greenbrier Farms, Easley, South Carolina

I got a Google Alert that included a web page update for Greenbrier Farms, Easley, South Carolina.

The photos that they link to includes a picture of a brick oven.

One of the picture captions says in part, "Greenbrier Farms in Easley held its Triple B event Saturday, Oct. 23, 2010. Greenbrier provided all-you-can-drink beer from Community Tap, plus all-you-can-eat brick oven pizzas and live bluegrass music."

The farms' events page mentions, "Our 5,000 sq ft farm house facility offers a fully-equipped kitchen, double brick ovens, and a welcoming porch, complete with rocking chairs, that offers an impressive view of the picturesque pond and sprawling farm."

Tosca, Montclair, New Jersey

A Montclair, New Jersey, entertainment site, mentioned Tosca, Montclair, New Jersey.

The site says in part, "If you want to have dinner and get to your movie at the Clairidge on time, there’s probably no closer, faster option than Tosca, Church Street’s new Italian featuring brick oven pizzas, pastas, paninis, and salads for lunch as well as more substantial fare (think osso bucco) for dinner."

Tosca also has a Facebook page.

Pompeii Pizzeria, Elk River, Minnesota

A member of the family mentioned Pompeii Pizzeria, Elk River, Minnesota.

It's one of the newer Neapolitan pizza places in the Twin Cities area, although it's in a far northwest suburb.

My family reports that the pizza there is very good.

They got some recent coverage on KARE-11.

Another link on KARE-11.

They make their own mozzarella daily.

Update March 25, 2011: There was a restaurant review posted in the blog, Monica's Nest. It included some good pictures and had nice things to say about the place.

American Pie Brick Oven Pizza, Hallandale Beach, Florida

Apparently American Pie Brick Oven Pizza, Hallandale Beach, Florida, is part of a new race track and mall complex near Miami, Florida. The complex web site calls the place Miami Shopping Mall: The Village at Gulfstream Park in Hallandale, Florida. (The street address on the web site calls it Hallandale Beach.)

The restaurant's web page says in part, "Casual restaurant featuring multiple varieties of specialty pizzas and other food items." It also has a picture of a pizza inside a wood-fired oven.

The hours, address, and phone number are also provided.

J. G. Domestic, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A food, drink, and gossip site for Philadelphia has a bit about J. G. Domestic, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

It says in part, "… this kitchen is flexing its muscle through vivid seasonal flavors drawn from across the land, and, as a result, more spontaneity than most any other Garces restaurant. The brick-oven flatbread delivered an earthy whiff of Oregon truffles and chanterelles scattered over creamy white asparagus béchamel piqued with Jasper Hill cheddar."

Another post from the same source has an annotated 360 degree view, but it's not clear that the restaurant really has a brick oven. I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt.

Adriatic Restaurant and Bar, Salem, Massachusetts

A "hot list" by the North Shore Art Throb mentions the Adriatic Café, Salem, Massachusetts (although apparently it's really the Adriatic Restaurant and Bar).

The bit about the Adriatic says in part, "Adriatic is a casual dining restaurant featuring the cuisine of the regions surrounding the Adriatic sea. Fresh fish and seasonal vegetables, together with a brick oven pizza, create the main menu, plus there is a full wine and cocktail list."

City Pizzeria, San Diego, California

The pizza reviewers at Serious Eats Slice had a review of City Pizzeria, San Diego, California.

The review says in part, "In downtown San Diego, a legitimately good slice of pizza can be hard to find. It turns out the best way to quell a pizza craving is to go a few blocks off the main drag to City Pizzeria, a thin-crust pizza shop that proofs its dough overnight to perfect its texture and flavor. Pizzas are cooked in a vintage brick oven and feature fresh, high quality ingredients. For $3 a slice (or $6 for two slices and a drink), you can't beat it."

It has pictures of some slices, but not of the oven.